Direct Bond Bracket Tweezer, 14 cm, Short Delicate Mouthpart , Holder



  • Direct Bond Bracket Tweezer is used for holding, gripping and placing brackets to patient’s mouth. The thinner back end of the instrument can be used for an easy manipulation or adjustment of bracket’s position
  • In case of any specific question relating to usage, demonstration or personal customization of instrument, Call us, Text us or Mail us, our Product Manager is at your disposal.  

Features – Specifications

  • Accurately angled fine tips with spring action movement
  • Smooth and light movement with strong gripping at the tips
  • Accurate opening width of mouthpart
  • Non glare Silky (Satin Finish) Surface
  • No Sharp edges at all. All edges are delicately broken and inspected under microscope otherwise any sharp edge may cause damage to glove or target area 
  • Made with high quality corrosion resistant AISI 410 Stainless Steel
  • Tested carefully under strict quality parameters for corrosion resistance, functionality and durability 

Refund – Return – Warranty

  • 30 Days money back warranty – Unconditional (Purchase with confidence, test for 30 days and return at no cost if not satisfied)
  • The instrument is still covered under 02 years warranty even after 30 days. The instrument can be replaced with new one or refurbished as per requirement and up to your satisfaction

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